We believe the meaning of the term “dress for success” goes far beyond the corporate sphere. From sports to dates, your outfit really does matter in shaping up and ultimately achieving your objectives. Something similar is the case in physical therapy. This begs the question “HOW DO I KNOW WHAT TO WEAR TO PHYSICAL THERAPY?”

The right kind of clothing will not only ensure optimal comfort but better results as well. Today, we’ll break down why wearing the right clothes to physical therapy matters and how you should dress for these sessions.

So, without any further ado, let’s dive right in!

The Importance of knowing what to wear in Physical Therapy


Perhaps the most important benefit you can expect when dressing aptly for your physical therapy session is enhanced freedom of movement. This freedom is essential when carrying out the umpteenth number of exercises your trainer will make you do. You’ll get into positions quicker and more comfortably. This will result in more fruitful sessions


The right kind of clothing to wear will also ensure your trainer has easy access to the ailing body part. They’ll thus be able to diagnose and treat it better. Let’s not forget just how much time and effort it’ll save since you won’t be rolling up your sleeves or adjusting bottoms every few minutes. Keep reading to further understand why knowing what to wear to physical therapy is so important. While you are in PT, depending on your appointment duration and type, what you wear can have a huge impact!

What to Wear Checklist


Still Don’t Know What to Wear for Your First Physical Therapy Session? Keep Reading!

The Right Clothing

Loose-fitting and comfortable clothes will be your best friend during physical therapy. Consider a baggy t-shirt with short sleeves and a pair of loose-fitting shorts. However, if you need more coverage, you can also opt for long-sleeve tees and yoga pants or trousers. Just make sure the clothes you opt for provide superior freedom of movement and ready access to the body part that needs treatment.

Footwear is Important

The importance of the right kind of footwear during physical therapy is understated. When it comes to what you should wear in your PT session, a pair of athletic shoes should be your go-to. Your specialist may ask you to stand on unique surfaces for different exercises. Athletic sneakers will ensure you have the right kind of support and grip for such exercises. Moreover, open-toe shoes, dress shoes, slippers, and slip-ons should be a big no. The last thing you want what you wear to cause a new foot injury!

Say No to Jewelry

The general rule of thumb here is to get rid of any jewelry from the body part that needs treatment. So, for example, if your session will deal with a neck or cervical injury, consider leaving your earrings at home. Speaking of nice shiny things, what to wear to physical therapy includes anything you do not want to damage or lose. Leave the Rolex at home. If you still don’t believe me, read this blog (not ours) about more risks in wearing jewelry during exercise. This will ensure the trainer spends less time asking you to remove or adjust various accessories during therapy and gives more time to the therapy itself.

Final Thoughts on What to Wear

We understand your first physical therapy session can be overwhelming. So, the last thing you want is overthinking about what to wear to it. Even your therapist has to consider what to wear in your physical therapy session! We hope this article helps you in that regard. Moreover, you can also ditch this overthinking entirely and call a physical therapist to your own place. Here, you’ll be in control of the wardrobe and the location itself. Kinito Physical Therapy offers such a service.

You can book an at-home physical therapy session with one of our AMAZING Manual Therapists or even one of our CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist) PTs by simply hitting us up at 405-833-0783!

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