Like every other professional field, there are particular wardrobe guidelines to follow in physical therapy. Wearing the wrong clothes not only negatively impacts a physical therapist’s appearance but also affects their performance. Moreover, patients also tend to feel more comfortable with professionally dressed therapists.

When it comes to a dress code, different factors determine how a physical therapist should dress. The type of facility, official dress code, or patient population can be deciding factors, but physical therapists have some clear wardrobe choices.

Below, we’ve discussed a few options.

What Do Physical Therapists Wear to Work?

Proper Attire for Physical Therapists to Wear


One of the most cost-effective and conventional clothing options for physical therapists to wear is scrubs. Many physical therapy clinics also have scrubs as their official dress code due to the comfort and ease they offer.

What scrubs lack in style, they make up for in comfort. When a physical therapist is comfortable in their attire, they will be able to work conveniently with patients who require a lot of handling. Moreover, patients are also more relaxed during the treatment.

The right footwear can help you prevent injuries too!

Are “Slacks” in the Physiotherapist Dress Code?

Although physical therapists need to maintain professional attire, wearing medical scrubs at all times isn’t necessary. Some clinics also allow PTs to wear a neat pair of slacks. They can pair it with an understated blouse or a dress shirt.

It doesn’t look professional if a therapist wears something too casual, like tattered jeans or sweatpants. As a result, it causes the patient to feel uncomfortable, and they may even start questioning the therapist’s credibility.

Footwear for the Physical Therapist Uniform

Shoes are an essential element that completes an outfit. For a physical therapist, footwear needs to accomplish two goals: comfort and professionalism. Most therapists have to keep moving throughout the day. So, in order to not put too much strain on the feet, they can wear walking or running shoes, like sneakers.

On the other hand, they can wear dress shoes to attend meetings and official businesses.

What Do Patients Prefer Their Physical Therapists To Wear in the Clinic?

A patient’s opinion in deciding on a physical therapist’s attire may seem irrelevant, but it is far from that. Patients usually feel more comfortable during treatment if their therapist is dressed in professional attire.

Besides, some patients feel more confident going to their first session if they know what the therapist will wear. In fact, some patients even decide what to wear to their first physical therapy session (http://kinitopt.com/what-should-i-wear-to-my-first-physical-therapy-session/), depending on their therapist’s attire.

Other Things to Wear

On occasion, the physical therapist might need to wear protective equipment, such as gloves, gowns, goggles, or masks. This might be to protect the physical therapist, the patient, or both. Sometimes, a physical therapist might need to wear gloves or a gown for protect from bodily fluids, germs, and other potential contaminants.

Your physical therapist might wear gloves while performing dry needling, or a mask while working on the TM. Certain situations might require the physical therapist to not wear gloves for better dexterity.

What Do Physical Therapists Wear to Work


The importance of a proper dress code or wardrobe guidelines may not seem crucial for a physical therapist. However, this isn’t the case. In order to appear professional, perform conveniently, and keep patients comfortable, a physical therapist must dress up in a professional manner.

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