Our Story



How It Started

Kinito Physical Therapy was born from one core idea: there has to be a better way of receiving care. Many patients need to receive physical therapy two or three times per week, and having to commute to do so can mean traveling upwards of two hours each session, resulting in a hassle and a waste of time.

What if the therapy could come to you? What if you could simply text to get advice from your doctor? What if, when you did need to go to an office, there was one conveniently close to you?

Our therapists are dedicated to making your access to physical therapy as streamlined and pain-free as possible. We have the expertise and skills to perform a wide range of different therapies at a location that is convenient for you.

Our Secret Formula

Our company has also changed the way the therapists themselves are treated. We do not expect our people to handle ten or twenty patients a day – in fact, we do not allow it. That is a quick way to get burned-out therapists who cannot give each individual patient the level of care that they need. Instead, we cap our therapists’ workload at between 25 and 30 patients a week so that they can truly spend the time to deal with each case optimally as well as enjoy a perfect balance between work and life.

Also, we never use technicians or assistants – your appointments are one-on-one with a qualified, experienced therapist who will deliver skilled care that is designed to make you feel better fast.

So, what are you waiting for? We have a happy physical therapist waiting to serve you right now. Give us a call and let us help you find the right PT for your specific needs.

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