What We Offer

To put it simply – Are you in Oklahoma City and in pain? We can help. Our team of physiotherapists is available for appointments now to tackle any musculoskeletal issues that you are experiencing, including:

In addition to meeting with your physical therapist wherever it is most convenient for you, we can also arrange telehealth appointments to provide you with advice and guidance remotely.

Our services

We pride ourselves on staying current with emerging therapies as well as the more traditional approaches. Some of our most popular services include:

If there is a particular service that you require that is not listed, let us know – we have the expertise and knowledge to help you!

Our physical therapists

Each of our physiotherapists sees a maximum of 25 to 30 patients every week, while most of our competitors see more than that every couple of days. We think that giving the people that take care of your health more time between appointments, and a much better work/life balance, directly improves the quality of the care that they give: our patients are not shuttled in and out of the office as soon as possible, rather each is given the time, care, and attention that is required to make a real positive difference.

Worker’s Compensation

Injuries can happen in any type of workplace, although we tend to think of them as more associated with hard physical labor like logging, construction, and jobs that require a lot of lifting and moving. When these types of injuries do occur, they can be particularly troubling – there is a good chance if you have injured yourself doing a certain work-required activity, then you will be unable to perform that activity again for a time.

Your first port of call in these situations should be with your employer. They are legally required to carry worker’s compensation insurance, which is used to cover your medical bills for any injuries sustained at work. Your employer will then send you to a medical expert of their choosing for diagnosis – and that medical expert will then refer you to a specialist depending on what the issue is. Often with work-related injuries, there is a physical therapy component involved in rehabilitation and recovery: that is where we step in.

Our physical therapists provide treatments for injuries covered by workers' compensation, including post-surgery recovery, strains and sprains, and musculoskeletal issues that arise from various working environments. In addition, we will make sure to correctly document everything we do in accordance with the requirements of worker’s compensation coverage, and coordinate with your employer and the relevant insurance carrier where necessary to ensure that all relevant parties are kept in the loop.

Throughout, we will make sure that your therapy is designed to not only resolve any pain issues that you have but also provide strength and flexibility improvements specific to the demands of your work. We want you to recover quickly and fully from your injury, and we want to make sure that there is little chance of a recurrence.

Functional Capacity Evaluations

As part of your compensation, it may be the case that the insurance company will require you to undergo what is known as a Functional Capacity Evaluation. This is an examination, conducted by a physical therapist, to assess the extent of your injury or disability – i.e. to find out if you could comfortably perform some physical tasks or if your day-to-day job is completely out of reach at the present time, and therefore decide if you are able to return to work in any function.

The functional capacity evaluation will typically include tests of your:

The overall aim of the evaluation is to find out a) if you are able to work, and b) if it is safe for you to return to work. At Kinito Physical Therapy our therapists have the experience and skill to accurately and fairly assess an individual and their abilities and do so with the utmost integrity and honesty. Alongside determining your ability to conduct work-related tasks, the functional capacity evaluation is also an excellent diagnostic tool, giving us the insight we need to build a program of rehabilitation designed around your injuries and your goals.

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