How Long is Physical Therapy After a Knee Replacement?

A knee replacement procedure can be a scary experience. However, with physical therapy, your recovery process is much easier. Now, we understand you’d like to get back to the way things were before the surgery as soon as possible. To that end, today, we’ll take you through the timeline of physical therapy after a knee replacement. Enjoy our killer tips and tricks on how you can ace the entire recovery process.

Right After Surgery

For most people, it is often surprising to know how easy this surgery can be. You are typically on your feet within hours of your knee replacement surgery. So, your physical therapy will likely begin very soon afterward as well.  The physical therapy right after your surgery will focus on exercising your knee and teaching you strengthening exercises. This will ultimately help improve the blood flow and movements of your feet and legs.  

1-2 Weeks After Knee Replacement Surgery

You will start seeing improvement in your movements within just one or two weeks after your knee replacement surgery. Your physical therapist will now focus more on increasing your balance and range of motion. Your physical therapist introduces strengthening exercises, such as ankle pumps and leg raises during this time. These workouts help your legs, hips and knees can become stronger. 

Your physical therapist will also help you work on moving on your own. This phase focused on getting up from a sitting position and walking with support on your own. This way, you will be able to start getting your life back to normal.

3-6 Weeks After Knee Replacement Surgery

Three to six weeks after knee replacement surgery, you will be able to partake in low-impact physical activities. Such activities include swimming or cycling on a stationary bike. You will be less reliant on assistive devices like walkers or canes by now. Your increased independence is thanks to the strengthening exercises your physical therapist had you do. However, this is no time for slacking off, and strengthening exercises should remain a part of your routine. By this point in your recovery, you should be able to do most chores in your home. This means no more excuses for the laundry not getting done! Also, you can go to work if you have an office job… If you want to. Or if your PT doesn’t want to write you any more doctors notes!

How Long is Physical Therapy After a Knee Replacement

7-12 Weeks After Knee Replacement Surgery

After seven to twelve weeks of physical therapy, you should have regained most of the replaced knee’s motion. Also, you should be back to your normal lifestyle this time. This is usually the last stage of physical therapy. 

However, it is still best to avoid high-impact activities at this time. Such activities like running, jumping, or playing football, might limit your body’s healing. Even after your formal physical therapy is finished, you are still to be doing the exercises recommended by your therapist.

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Final Thoughts

How Long is Physical Therapy After Knee Replacement? Well, formal therapy can last for three to four weeks (or more). However, you will still need to follow your therapy regime afterward to ensure a healthy recovery. For patients with knee surgery, the daily commute for physical therapy is near impossible. This is why clinics like Kinito Physical Therapy offer their services at your home or office.

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