As an athlete, it is very common to sustain injuries from sports that may negatively affect your performance. Thankfully, we’ve got physical therapy help athletes recover from these injuries. A type of medical care focused on reducing pain and improving the movement and strength of your body, physical therapy can get you back in the game as soon as possible and as better as ever. 


Benefits Of Physical Therapy For Athletes

Physical therapy has many benefits which make it such an important part of your recovery and an irreplaceable tool for athletes. Here are some of these benefits in detail:

Physical Therapy: Reduces Pain

Pain from an injury can last for a long while if left untreated. This can cripple your performance. Physical therapy can be a great tool in helping you reduce and eliminate this pain over time. 

It enables you to work through the pain in a controlled setting to promote recovery. Physical therapy also helps prevent you from relying on opioids for pain management. 

Physical Therapy: Rebuilds Strength

Rebuilding your strength when recovering from an injury is very important if you want to perform as an athletes as well as you could before the injury happened. Your body can grow weak from these injuries because of a lack of movement or from wearing a cast. 

Physical therapy help athletes excel at strengthening your weaker muscles, joints, and ligaments back up. This helps you recover. It can also help improve your performance by strengthening the weak muscles stopping you from realizing your full potential.

Physical Therapy: Improves Flexibility

Flexibility plays a key role in almost every sport. The lack of flexibility can be caused by bad training habits or insufficient warmup before a game. Your physical therapist can evaluate your body’s flexibility and help you improve where needed especially for the athletes. This way, your muscle, and joint flexibility is refined, so you can perform even better. 

Physical Therapy: Restores Mobility

Mobility is the lifeline of most sports. Recovering from an injury can reduce your mobility, tanking your performance. This can be really off-putting and help athletes.

But you can get it back through physical therapy. Your therapist can create a personalized care plan for you designed to relieve muscle strain and stress to help restore your mobility. 

Prevents Future Injury

Physical therapy does not just aid your recovery as an athlete, it also helps prevent injuries in the future. As mentioned before, physical therapy helps strengthen your weaker muscles which may have been the cause of your injury. This way, those strengthened muscles will be better equipped to support you in your daily and recreational activities. 

Therapy also improves your flexibility and mobility, which can go a long way in reducing the chances of an injury reoccurring. Additionally, a therapist can identify poor movement patterns and help you fix them so you can play safely and stay healthy. 

Final Thoughts

We understand how difficult it can be to accommodate physical therapy into your daily life, especially when you play a sport professionally. However, it can be very dangerous to leave your injury as it is and not seek medical care. If the daily commute for a therapy session is not something you want to deal with, clinics like Kinito Physical Therapy also offer services right at your home or office. 

To book a physical therapy session at your home with one of our fantastic CSCS or Manual Therapists, simply give us a call at 405-833-0783 or e-mail us at

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