Quick shout out!

I need to give some credit to an awesome place full of of awesome people. I haven’t been this excited about Oklahoma medicine since I met the Founders of Primary Health Partners, and you all KNOW I am a HUGE fan of them!

Oklahoma ER & Hospital is located off of Pennsylvania Ave in Edmond, Oklahoma. I have passed by this place several times over the last couple of years and have been VERY curious to see what this place was all about. Also, you might know them as the clean and neat little hospital just by neighborhood jam with the sign that signals there is “no wait” to receive services.

Makailyn D., one of the team members here, was so nice to let Duke and I come visit with some of the professionals at this facility recently. As many of you know, we are always looking to find like minded healthcare providers. We are HUGE on patient care culture, and it is pretty obvious that the people at Oklahoma ER & Hospital share high standards for this as well.

They offer SUPER affordable imaging! Like less than $400 for MRI with contrast! For those of you with huge insurance deductibles, you know that this is INSANELY cheap! Also, their results usually come back within an hour. A STINKING HOUR! WAHT?!?! Their facility is ridiculously clean and neat. I never had the feeling worrying about catching anything (I know that sounds bad, but y’all know what I mean) while I was there, which is something I have always felt when going to an ER. Their rooms are like an even nicer version of a Hampton Inn. Hampton Inn is awesome.Yes, that was a compliment. No, it was NOT a plug for Hilton Hotels. Focus!

If you have commercial insurance, are in a car wreck, or are cash-pay/self insured with an insurance plan like Sidera, CHM, MediSHARE, etc., there is no reason, I repeat, NO REASON, that you should not consider this hospital and their clean, patient first, no-nonsense atmosphere! By the way, I am pretty sure they NEVER have a wait when you show up. Try and get that out of ANY OTHER ER HOSPITAL in the metro.

Bravo, Oklahoma ER & Hospital. BRAVO!

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