Eggs Aren’t JUST For Hunting

Please allow me to set the mood with some EGG nutrition FACTS! -Eggs are a great source of protein and healthy fats -Eggs are a complete protein and have all the essential amino acids -Eggs are a great source of vitamins A, D, E, B2, B5, B12, and folate -Eggs have choline, which is an essential vitamin for brain health -Eggs are low in carbs, high in protein and have no sugar -One egg has about 65 calories -Eggs are a cheap and versatile food


Lets get EGG-CITED!

Eggs are easy to prepare and bring with you. They can be thrown at cars/houses too, but please do not do this. Are you using eggs to their max potential? Think about this for a moment. An egg contains all of the essential things needed to bring a chicken onto Planet Earth! Chickens are related to dinosaurs (its DNA science, people), so let us break this down TOGETHER. You are able to consume a build-it-yourself-dinosaur-kit for less than a dollar a day by choosing to consume an egg. Also, the only problem is that people are eating eggs WRONG!

I promise to not get too “sciencey” on serving size, polyunsaturated or monosaturated whosa-whats, and other things are not necessarily easy to digest (unlike the protein of an egg – yes I just plugged it), but instead will be reaching for real-life, nutritional advice for how you can get the most out of those awesome, UNDECORATED eggs.

Grayson’s Favorite Ways to EAT EggS?!?

I am somewhat of an “egg-spert” in this area. I literally used to drink 20 eggs a day in college (I do NOT recommend this), so I have literally seen every high and low of egg eating. Also, I have always felt better in my day when I eat an egg. Moreover, I just ate an egg this morning. It was super lame. In addition, this is what prompted me to do this post. Here is the list!

Egg Tip #1:

Avoid eating processed foods, sugars, and carbs with your egg.

The egg is full of AWESOME fatty acids and are very much a high protein food. Your body is going to take what it gets. Do you want to break your fast with fake stuff? Or would you rather you body get first glance of a nutrition powerhouse so that it is FORCED to use it as fuel? The fruit loops aren’t full of fruit, and even if they were, I still wouldn’t recommend them as the first thing that meets your face after you wake up. And the same goes for the sugar filled orange juice. Wake up your body with protein and fat FIRST!

Egg Tip #2:

Don’t ruin that precious egg!

The HEALTHY fats in the egg will be affected by how much you heat the yoke. If you are okay with and able to eat runnier eggs (I DON’T KNOW YOU, so forgive me for asking), you should consider this. Also, think about it, if you cook up all of those amazing fats and proteins and scrambled them up, it is going to change things. How effective to you think your vitamin pill would be if you blended it up and fried it on your stovetop? Exactly. It might still be BENEFICIAL for you, but not AS GOOD. I like to eat my eggs OVER EASY or soft boiled. “nEGGst” tip coming up!

Egg Tip #3:

Golden is good!

Ever wonder why people spend extra money to buy those “STUPID FREE RANGE ORGANIC EGGS” instead of the 4 dollars for 48 packs of eggs? Well, they cost more to produce. But is the egg juice worth the squeeze? Did you know those cheaper eggs are 4 times more likely to contain salmonella? Also, the fats are inferior. Just look at the color of the yolk! Have you ever noticed how the yolk looks weakly yellow? Farm raised, free range eggs are wayyyy more golden. Those chickens are eating BUGS, not cheap feed. Expounding on this, organic, free range eggs are a great choice because they contain MORE Omega-3s, which is a healthy fat that is easy to digest.

Organic eggs are not only delicious and nutritious, but they are also humane in case you have any idea how these huge chicken farms are ran (I would mention names, but I don’t want the cheap egg mafia coming after me). Chickens are not meant to be vegan. Give that chicken a worm!

Bonus Fact:

Eggs do not raise your cholesterol. Egg sandwiches from McYou-Know-Where’s Yellow Arched Poison Palace raises your cholesterol.

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