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Are you looking for a stress-free physical therapy experience after your car accident?

We understand that visiting larger therapy centers can be overwhelming.

Can’t face tiring trips in the car and generic, hands-off approaches to therapy for weeks on end?

We believe car wreck physical therapy should go above and beyond for YOU! No technicians or assistants here! Just 1-on-1 therapy with your favorite physical therapists!
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Concerned about how you are going to PAY for physical therapy after a car wreck that was not your fault?

Don’t be! Our patients owe us NOTHING. Our dedicated care management and billing staff work closely with your insurance company and attorney to ensure your care is delivered quickly and without any cost to you!

We are Oklahoma’s Award Winning physical therapy clinic that meets you at our clinic or arrives at your door.

As Car Wreck Recovery experts, we pride ourselves on taking a personal approach to pain management and recovery, whenever and wherever you need us!

Feel Better Faster thanks to a personal approach that starts working before you know it

Take away the stress of long trips to physical therapists who never seem to listen

Get mobile again thanks to a team who help you listen to your body and give it exactly what it needs 

Ready For A Helping Hand?

Our personal approach to physical therapy is all about putting the needs of you and your body first, because that’s what works. When you’re ready to feel the difference, all you have to do is ask.

The Best Part:

We can come to YOU if you are not able to come to us, allow you to start care sooner! We are here (or there) for you!

Don’t regret not choosing the best! Find out why doctors and attorneys love it when their patients tell them they chose to work with Kinito Physical Therapy to recover from their care wreck!

Here When You Need Us

It’s the Least We Can Do!

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