What We Treat

Back Pain

Upper and lower back pain is something we see all of the time! Let us diagnose the root cause of your problem tom help you eliminate your back pain for good! Click on the link to see how we can help!

Neck, Head, and Jaw Pain

Headaches? Neck nags? TMJ issues? We can help those too! Allow us the chance to fully assess your upper cervical spine so you can see the difference of high quality, manual physical therapy. Click the link!

Shoulder Pain

You can rest assured, we fix all types of shoulder problems. We realize that recovery from shoulder injuries requires very specific exercise progressions manual therapy. Click the link to find out more!

Hand and Wrist Pain

Having a hard time high-fiving your friends? We have expert training in the treatment of hand, forearm, and wrist injuries. Click the link for more info!

Elbow Pain

From elbow sprains to biceps tears, we are able to accurately diagnose is your problem is sourced in one of the structures connected to your elbow joint. Click the link for more info!

Knee and Hip Pain

Your knee and hip rely heavily on one another for pain free motion; they both need fixed to ensure your pain solution is long-lasting. Click the link for knee and hip pain treatment details.

Foot and Ankle Pain

Its hard to walk on sore feet and ankles! Let us help you take the load off with skilled care from one on our professionals. Don’t start off on the wrong foot, click the link for more information!

Arthritis and Fibromyalgia

These issues can strike any part of the body at any time, and they can make even the slightest movement painful. Our therapists can help you to minimize and manage the symptoms.

Balance Problems

Accomplishing even the simplest of tasks (picking up a dropped item, tying shoelaces, etc.) can be impossible with balance and weakness issues. Find out how we can help you improve your quality of life by clicking the link below.

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