This is my first blog post. My name is Grayson. I started this company a little under a year ago. I felt like this was a good time to start blogging. Here we go.

I started this company with one goal in mind. Also, I wanted to make PT easy and fun. I actually left my last job to spend more time on another family company. It is a home care company in Enid, OK. I never new that Kinito PT company would take off so quickly.


I always tell people that our company is not based on a business model. It is based on a people model. We want to make things easier, for everybody. Physical Therapy can be boring. It can be frustrating. Also, it can be expensive. It doesn’t have to be. The system we are all used to was created by the rules made by the insurance companies.

Fast forward to today…

We have multiple therapists on our team and we are growing at a stellar rate. Also, we are still limiting our case load to an amount that allows us to deliver PT to homes and office and we still believe that people don’t have to see a therapist three times a week for a simple injury.

We are proud of our differences.

Here’s to the end of the crazy, pandemic filled year full of challenges and surprises. However, here’s to a new chapter and a new beginning. Here’s to us.


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