Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain can make it difficult to fully move one or both of your arms, and therefore make even simple tasks like typing, driving, or carrying your child a painful and uncomfortable experience: simply navigating your way through your daily routine can become impossible without help or pain relief drugs.

Physical therapists can help you with shoulder pain – giving you back the range of motion, flexibility, and pain-free movement that you need to be able to go about your daily activities without issue. Recovering from shoulder pain issues typically requires very specific, targeted exercise and manipulation, which the team at Kinito is well versed in providing.

Shoulder issues that we treat include:


●       Rotator cuff injuries

●       Inflammation/impingement

●       Arthritis

●       Frozen shoulder

●       Labral tears

●       Acromioclavicular (AC) sprains

●       Tendonitis

●       Tendonosis

●       Dislocation

If you are suffering from any of these issues, or any other shoulder-related problem, then get in touch today. Your Kinito physical therapist will diagnose the cause of your problems, provide you with lasting pain relief, and advise you on how to ensure future shoulder health.

For more information on shoulder pain, click the link below.

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