Did you know that average American adults sit for around 6.4 hours a day? We work, play video games, and watch tv while sitting. It seems almost every activity we do includes sitting nowadays. But is this behavior healthy for you, and should you be standing more? To answer this question, we made this brief detailing why standing is better than sitting.

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Why is Sitting All Day Bad for You?

Sitting for long durations is not healthy for your body. Sitting all day can cause you to gain weight and accumulate fat around your belly. Additionally, it can also result in back pain and cause you to develop a bad posture. Excessive sitting has also been linked to other conditions, such as high cholesterol levels, increased blood pressure, and high blood sugar.

Is Standing Healthier Than sitting?

Standing is a much better alternative to sitting all day long as it helps you burn more calories. This is because more muscles are engaged while you are standing. So, you don’t just prevent weight gain but also lose pounds just by standing as you work or browse the web on your phone. 

How Long Is It Healthy To Stand?

It is important to remember that standing for too long isn’t healthy either. If you want to stand up more while working, it is ideal to only stand for 30 minutes to 2 hours and then sit down for a while to rest. This way, you won’t get tired and can keep on working for longer. 

How Can I Make It Easier To Work While Standing?

There are many tools that can make it easier and more comfortable for you to stand while working. For instance, a standing desk is a must-have as it is designed specially to let you work while standing without having to bend over. 

Additionally, if you get easily fatigued from standing too much, you can invest in an anti-fatigue floor mat. These mats are designed to help you stay relaxed and comfortable while you work standing up. 

Final Thoughts

Both standing and sitting for very long durations every day can be harmful to your body. This is why it is not good to demonize one or the other. Instead, you should aim to strike a balance between the two, so you can get the best of both worlds. Additionally, you should try to get some exercise daily to counteract any negative effects of sitting for long durations.

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