Elbow Pain

Elbow pain can often be the result of sporting injuries – specifically racket or bat-based sports where the elbow can be easily traumatized. Unfortunately, once you are experiencing elbow pain, it can be very difficult to resolve without expert help, as the elbow is used constantly throughout the day and cannot be easily rested and repaired.

A physiotherapist can help you, by providing you with effective pain relief and training you to complete elbow exercises that are designed to build up your elbow strength and flexibility.

Some of the more common elbow pain issues that we treat are:


●       Tennis elbow

●       Golfer’s elbow

●       Arthritis

●       Fractures

●       Abducted Ulna

●       Bicep tears

●       Ulnar nerve entrapment

●       Radial nerve entrapment

●       Median nerve entrapment

If you are struggling with any of these issues or other elbow problems that are not listed, then get in touch today. Your Kinito physical therapist will be able to provide you with pain relief, as well as give you information and advice on how to ensure that the problem does not resurface in the future.

For more information about our elbow pain services, click the link below.

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