One of the most common misunderstandings people have about physical therapy is that it will hurt. This causes them to avoid this essential treatment, hindering their recovery from an injury. Physical therapy is an essential part of the recovery process, and it is also perfectly safe when done by an experienced professional. In this brief, we will discuss whether you should expect any kinds of pain or discomfort during your physical therapy sessions. 

Does physical therapy hurt

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy done by an experienced professional should be great and you must not feel any hurt. Does physical therapy hurts? You may still feel some hurt as you will be exercising your body, but it shouldn’t come anywhere close to true pain. Therapists are trained to observe you closely and notice any signs of discomfort. They also have intimate knowledge of the human body, allowing them to find the right exercises for your recovery that will cause the least amount of discomfort to you.


The primary aim of physical therapy is to help you recover from your injuries instead of making them worse. Do physical therapy hurts? Physical therapists monitor your condition very closely to ensure that none of the exercises you are doing in your sessions are further damaging your health in any way. Your therapist will find the fastest route for your recovery by strengthening your muscles and joints while also increasing the mobility of the injured area. But, their priority is always your safety. 

Pain during Physical Therapy

If you feel any kind of pain during your therapy sessions, you should immediately stop. Do not try to tough it out and work through the pain, as that could make your condition even worse. The key to a successful physical therapy session is communication between you and your therapists. 

If you experience pain during or after your session, then tell your therapist about it. Inform them of what kind of pain you are experiencing, where it hurts, and what types of movements or exercises cause it. This will help your therapist find a better route to treating you that doesn’t cause pain. 

Hurt after Physical Therapy

It is very important to differentiate soreness and discomfort from real pain when doing physical therapy. As mentioned before, you should not feel any pain during your physical therapy sessions. But, you may still experience discomfort and soreness during or after your session caused by the strengthening exercises. 

This soreness is similar to the type of soreness you get after strength training. It is perfectly normal to experience this as long as the soreness subsides after a few days.

Final Thoughts

Physical therapy is very important for a full recovery, so it should only be done by a trained professional. This way, you can get the care you deserve. Here at Kinito Physical Therapy, we have expert CSCS and Manual Therapists ready to come to the location of your choice and provide safe and pain-free therapy. 

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