Trained professionals, also known as PTs, help improve your muscles and bones. If you’re going for your first PT session, you may wonder if PTs take X-rays, MRIs, or ultrasound imaging. In this article, we will investigate whether PTs can take X-rays as part of their treatment process.

Do Physical Therapists take X-Rays?

No, physical therapists cannot take an X-ray themselves; they can only order or request it. Only a radiologist or a dentist is certified to perform an X-ray, and your PT can analyze it.

Physical therapists are able to do ultrasound imaging to examine your muscles and bones. In addition, this involves using sound waves to create pictures of what’s happening inside your body. It can help find the reasons for pain, swelling, and infections in your body.

Imaging in Physical Therapy

Physical Therapists have now emerged as the top choice for treating musculoskeletal wounds and injuries. Firstly, they conduct a clinical session to examine their patient’s body posture, mobility, movement, range, and strength. PTs have access to diagnostic imaging facilities in their medical centers.

Research shows that PTs have been precise in ordering any imaging tests (MRI, CT Scan, X-Ray) as they significantly improve the diagnosing and treatment process. 80% of imaging orders were rightful, according to research.

So yes, PTs are knowledgeable when it comes to knowing their imaging procedures. Consultation is essential to determine if an X-ray is necessary.

Why are X-Rays Essential in Physical Therapy?

X-rays are a form of radiation, also known as electromagnetic waves. They help doctors and medical personnel by generating pictures of what is present inside your body. The images display your bones, organs, and tissues in an array of black and white hues.

Regarding physical therapy, X-rays review broken bones or the intensity of osteoporosis and arthritis. X-ray results can help therapists better understand the body, especially if symptoms are worsening.

Final Thoughts

Overall, physical therapists first have a clinical examination with patients to check for abnormalities. This session determines your current body stance, resilience, and functional mobility. However, your PT may get X-rays requested if the situation demands it. Diagnostic imaging is known to assist doctors while they determine the problem and decide on a treatment process for their patients.

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