Balance and Weakness

Individuals that suffer from balance problems, particularly those associated with muscle weakness, are often forced to rely on a walking cane or apparatus to help them get around. This can be inconvenient, and seriously diminish the ability of the patient to easily and quickly get around; but choosing to try and navigate without that equipment can lead to trips and falls, which results in more serious injuries.

A skilled physical therapist can help you to build the strength up in your leg, hip, and back muscles, while simultaneously teaching you techniques that can help with your overall balance. This can make it easier to do a number of day-to-day tasks from picking items up from the floor, to getting dressed, to taking a walk – all without the use of external equipment.

To get started with your recovery, all you need to do is give Kinito Physical Therapy a call. Your therapist will come and see you wherever is convenient for you and help you to start walking unaided in just a few sessions.

If you would like to know about our services related to balance and muscle weakness, then click the link below.

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