Bringing a baby into this world is considered a blessing by many. But it’s not about rainbows, unicorns, and long-beaked storks bringing the baby to the parents. Pregnancy comes with multiple challenges and bodily changes. 

One common issue that often overshadows the joy of carrying a baby is the back pain it brings. Although the typical back pain associated with pregnancy comes in later months, many women experience it even during the first trimester.

So, what could be the reason for developing back pain at such an early stage? Is it normal to have back pain in the first trimester? Well, let’s find out!

How Common is Back Pain in Early Pregnancy?

Back pain during the first trimester is more common than one would think. According to reports, 50 to 70% of pregnant women experience back pain. It means about a half to three-quarters of all women experience backaches at some stage during pregnancy.

So, if you’re suffering from discomfort or pain in your back, you’re not alone, as most women expect some degree of discomfort.

Causes of Early Back Pain

Everyone can safely blame the baby bump for the back pain that comes at later stages in pregnancy. But blaming the bump isn’t possible in the first trimester because there are no visible signs of a bump at this stage.

So, what causes early pregnancy back pain?

Hormonal Changes

One of the primary reasons for an aching back during the first trimester is increased hormones. During pregnancy, your body releases a lot of hormones to help soften and loosen your pelvis’ joints and ligaments. These hormones move throughout your body, directly affecting your back and causing aches.


Another contributor to back pain in early pregnancy is stress. It elevates muscle tightness and pain. So, having the slightest inconvenience can lead to anxiety and stress for someone already being attacked by hormones. This results in back aches and muscle pain.

How to Alleviate Back Pain During Pregnancy

Most pregnant women are limited in taking painkillers while pregnant to protect the baby’s health. Thankfully, exercise and lifestyle changes can help pregnant women have a smooth first trimester.

Improve Your Posture

Maintaining a good posture while sitting, walking, and sleeping can help alleviate back pain. Avoid slouching and keep your back straight with your chin and head held up high while sitting or walking.

When sleeping, you should try lying on your side and sleeping on a firm mattress. Keeping an additional pillow between your legs or baby bump also helps relieve strain on your back.

Avoid Chocolate

As bizarre as it may sound, there is a link between chocolates and back aches. But you won’t like it if you’re a chocolate lover. If you want to keep discomfort in your back to a minimum, you may want to avoid eating chocolate during early pregnancy.


As far as backaches and discomfort during early pregnancy are concerned, it’s all part of the journey. You shouldn’t feel alone because a significant number of pregnant women go through the same experiences. Since medication is not possible, exercise, lifestyle improvements, and physical therapy can help minimize the severity of pain during the first trimester. 

If you’re looking for physical therapy options, consider booking an appointment with one of our expert physicians at Kinito Physical Therapy. Simply contact us at (405) 633-0783 or email us at Can’t wait to serve you! 

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