Many people avoid physical therapy, thinking it isn’t worth their time and effort. However, did you know physical therapy has a ton of benefits that make it such a vital part of your treatment? Physical Therapy can be a lifesaver for patients suffering from arthritis, joint pain, or lack of mobility. In this brief, we will discuss the benefits of physical therapy to show you why it is definitely worth it.

Is physical therapy worth it

Benefits of Physical Therapy

Helps Eliminate and Reduce Pain

Physical therapy treatments such as soft tissue and joint mobilization can help reduce or eliminate pain over time. This makes it very beneficial for people suffering from chronic pain issues such as back pain, knee pain, and arthritis. Physical Therapy also helps prevent the pain from returning, helping you be less reliant on opioids making it worth it.

Improves Movement

Stiff joints can hinder your movements, especially after surgery or long bed rest. Physical therapy helps regain mobility in your muscles and joints through the use of exercises targeted at improving movement and make it more worth it. This way, you can get back to playing sports or jogging in the park in no time.

Strengthens Muscles

Physical therapy also helps strengthen your muscles to promote healing of the injured area. Additionally, the strengthened muscles ensure that the same injury has a lesser chance of happening again. This makes physical therapy a great treatment option for people who get recurring injuries from sports or other activities.

The muscle-strengthening promoted by physical therapy also plays a major role in recovering from a stroke. This is because a stroke can cause you to lose some degree of function and movement in many body parts. By strengthening the affected muscles and joints, you can regain most or all of the function back through physical therapy. 

Improves Balance

Poor balance can result in a fall which can cause injuries. After long bed rests, it is common for your balance to go a little out. Your therapist will screen you for fall risks when you first begin therapy. They will then have you do exercises that challenge your balance and improve it to make everything worth it.

This will help reduce fall risk and improve coordination in your body parts. Additionally, the balance-improving exercises may also reduce vertigo and dizziness, especially in patients with problems in their vestibular system.

Final Thoughts: Is Physical Therapy Worth it?

The benefits of physical therapy, some of which we listed above, make it totally worth your time and effort. PT is part of your medical treatment, so it should not be ignored. If you are concerned about the time and effort that physical therapy takes, then the at-home services of Kinito Physical Therapy are the perfect solution for you. 

Our experienced CSCS and Manual Therapists can come right to your home or work for your therapy sessions, saving you from wasting time visiting clinics. You can contact us at (405) 633-0783 or drop us an email at to book an appointment.

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