As the name suggests, sciatica is any type of pain that travels through the path of the sciatic nerve. The sciatica nerve glides is a major nerve ending that extends from our lower back (end of the spinal cord) to the hips and then travels down each leg. 

Sciatica occurs due to the nerve’s pinching, inflammation, or compression. This may happen due to various reasons like injury, stiff joints, bad posture or a disk problem. The most common explanation for the occurrence of sciatica is disk related, either a dislocated disk or an overgrown one putting excessive pressure on the part of the sciatic nerve.

Sciatica Nerve Glides Exercise

Sciatica Nerve Glides Exercise

How to Treat Sciatica Using Nerve Glide Method

Many forms of physical therapy are done to treat sciatica. But the most conventional methods often end up being ineffective and unnecessarily time-consuming. 

Recently many physiotherapists have started using nerve glide exercises to treat sciatica fast. For a never glide to be effective, it has to be slow, steady and pain-free, almost like a stretch. 

While stretching makes tissues longer due to their elasticity, it doesn’t work that way with nerves. Instead, nerves move in a gliding motion, i.e., moving back and forth slowly and gently to avoid any pain and soreness afterward. 

A variety of exercises can be done at home using the nerve glide method that immensely helps with sciatica. These exercises can be done lying down, sitting or standing based on your comfort and mobility. 

  • Supine sciatica nerve glide

To do this exercise, comfortably lay on your back while supporting your head. Place your hand on the back of your knee to steadily bring it to a straight position from a bent one, and slowly move your ankle up and down. 

  • Seated sciatica nerve glide

Seat yourself with your back straight and supported. Move your knee to a straight position till you feel a slight stretch, and then move your ankle towards your face a few times. 

  • Standing nerve glide

For this exercise, stand with your leg lifted and bent with your knee towards your chest. Straighten your leg and pump your ankle up and down for a few reps. 

The Ending Note

While doing these exercises, remember that the general rule of ‘no pain, no gain’ is not applicable here. You must ensure you’re not overexerting and tiring yourself out. Start at a gradual pace of allowing yourself a minute per leg, and work your way up to relief sciatica nerve glides. 

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