Back Pain

One of the most common issues we are asked to tackle is back pain. This can occur in the upper or lower back, and as the result of a sports injury, vehicle accident, slip, and trip, or simply bad posture or an overly sedentary lifestyle. Whatever the cause, your Kinito Physical Therapist will help to relieve the pain as well as provide advice for minimizing reoccurrence.

Common back problems that we treat include: 

  ●       Sciatica

  ●       Spinal stenosis

  ●       Degenerative disc disease

  ●       Slipped disc

  ●       Foraminal stenosis

  ●       Numbness and tingling

  ●       Weakness

If you are suffering from any of these conditions, or any other pains in your back, then get in touch with us today to arrange an appointment – there is no need to be in pain or discomfort any longer: we will diagnose the cause of your problem and help you to eliminate the pain for good.

Click on the link to find out more about our services relating to back pain.

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